43- Pyramids,Russians,JFK,TR3B,Death,Catalonia

43- Join us as we discuss Pyramids, Russians, JFK, TR3B, Death, and Catalonia.  Sit back and relax as we cover everything in this epics podcast.

1) 0 – 18 minutes – Pyramids – Various scientific teams have discovered new cavities in the great pyramid, what does it mean?

2) 18- 28 min -Russias influence on the US elections via Facebook? – We look at the spend, the motivation and ask the real questions about why it does or doesn’t matter.

3) 28- 44 min – JFK papers have been released, we have a look at how the intel is being manipulated and what it means.

4) 44min- 1hr 06 min Catalonia and the idea of borders-  What is nationality? What’s happening in Catalonia and Europe and is national identity important?

5) 1hr 6min – 1hr 33 min – TR3B – The ultrasecret (maybe not) US plane that is responsible for most of the modern-day UFO sitings.

6) 1hr 33 min – What happens when you die? We look at some abstract ideas about the end of life.



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Life is a strange beast , full of joy and wonderment. let us attempt to pierce the vale and challenge the realms of possibility. Welcome to the Illusion 🙂