43- Pyramids,Russians,JFK,TR3B,Death,Catalonia

43- Join us as we discuss Pyramids, Russians, JFK, TR3B, Death, and Catalonia. Sit back and relax as we cover everything in this epics podcast.

1) 0 – 18 minutes – Pyramids – Various scientific teams have discovered new cavities in the great pyramid. What does it mean?

2) 18- 28 min -Russias influence on the US elections via Facebook? – We look at the spend, the motivation and ask the real questions about why it does or doesn’t matter.

3) 28- 44 min – JFK papers have been released. We have a look at how the intel is being manipulated and what it means.

4) 44min- 1hr 06 min Catalonia and the idea of borders-  What is nationality? What’s happening in Catalonia and Europe and is national identity important?

5) 1hr 6min – 1hr 33 min – TR3B – The ultrasecret (maybe not) US plane that is responsible for most of the modern-day UFO sitings.

6) 1hr 33 min – What happens when you die? We look at some abstract ideas about the end of life.


1) 0 – 18 minutes – Pyramids – Various scientific teams have discovered new cavities in the great pyramid. What does it mean?

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex, built around 2560 BC. The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years until Lincoln Cathedral was completed in 1311 AD.

The Great Pyramid consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks which weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and were transported from nearby quarries. The average weight of a block is about 2.3 metric tons (2.5 short tons). It has been estimated that it would have taken a workforce of 10,000 workers about 20 years to build the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The ancient Egyptians cut stone blocks using copper chisels and hammers, which were then hauled up ramps with the help of sledges, ropes, and wooden rollers to the construction site. Once at the top, they were assembled into place by workers using levers and simple machines such as pulleys.

In 2016 scientists discovered two previously unknown rooms inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid, one behind a door that had been hidden for over 4500 years using infrared thermography to scan through its thick limestone walls causing no damage to this ancient structure.

The tomb of Queen Khentkaus I, the oldest tomb in Giza, was discovered by archaeologists from the University of Memphis in Egypt and Macquarie University in Australia. The tomb is located to the south-west of King Khufu’s Great Pyramid and is believed to date back to around 2580 BC.

Queen Khentkaus I was a wife of Pharaoh Neferirkare Kakai (2575–2555 BC) who ruled for 20 years during the Fifth Dynasty and she was also a mother of Pharaohs Neferefre (2558–2532 BC) and Nyuserre Ini (2532–2503 BC).

Queen Khentkaus I’s tomb was found behind a hidden door in a 4500 year old limestone wall using infrared thermography.

According to Dr Campbell Price, Curator at Manchester Museum, “This discovery is one that has been made through modern technology but it is also one that will have an impact on how we understand ancient Egyptian tombs. It is very rare to find a royal tomb from this period.

Russias influence on the US elections

2) 18- 28 min -Russias influence on the US elections via Facebook? – We look at the spend, the motivation and ask the real questions about why it does or doesn’t matter.

The short answer is that we don’t really know. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

On the one hand, it is clear that Russia did try to influence the US elections via Facebook. They spent millions of dollars on ads and created thousands of fake accounts.

On the other hand, it’s not clear how effective their efforts were. It’s possible that they didn’t have much impact at all.

So what does this all mean? It’s hard to say for sure. But one thing is certain: we need to be very careful about accepting information from foreign countries, especially when it comes to our elections.


3) 28- 44 min – JFK papers have been released. We have a look at how the intel is being manipulated and what it means for the future.

The JFK Files are out and we have a look at what they contain. We also look at how the intel is being manipulated and what it means for the future.

The files were released on October 26th, 2017 and there are over 2800 documents that have been released. There are still over 1700 documents that have not been released and will not be released until October 26th, 2022.

The majority of the documents that have been released are from the CIA and FBI. There are also some documents from the State Department and the Department of Justice.

There are a lot of redactions in the documents and it is difficult to know what is being hidden. It is possible that the redactions are to protect sources and methods, but it is also possible that they are hiding something more sinister.

One of the most interesting things in the documents is a memo from J. Edgar Hoover to Clyde Tolson dated November 24th, 1963. In the memo, Hoover states that he believes that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy and that there were three shooters involved.

Hoover also states that he believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only shooter and that there was another shooter on the day.

Catalonia and Independence.

4) 44min- 1hr 06 min Catalonia and the idea of borders- What is nationality? What’s happening in Catalonia and Europe and is national identity important?

There is no one answer to this question as it is a complex and multi-faceted issue. Nationality is often thought of as simply a person’s country of citizenship, but it can also refer to a person’s ethnic or cultural identity. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of national identity in Europe as people have become more aware of the different cultures and histories that make up the continent. This has led to some tension and conflict, as seen in the case of Catalonia.

Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain with its own history, culture, and language. In 2017, the Catalan government held a referendum on independence from Spain. The referendum was declared illegal by the Spanish government and resulted in violence. The issue of Catalan independence is still ongoing, and it has brought to light the question of national identity and borders.

Many people in Catalonia identify as Catalan first and Spanish second. They see themselves as part of a distinct culture with its own traditions and history. For these people, the idea of being forced to remain part of Spain against their will is unthinkable. However, others in Catalonia identify primarily as Spanish and see Catalonia as an integral part of Spain. They believe that the region should remain united with spain.

TR3B Ultra secret US Plane

5) 1hr 6min – 1hr 33 min – TR3B – The ultrasecret (maybe not) US plane that is responsible for most of the modern-day UFO siting.

TR3B is a black project aircraft of the US Air Force, part of the secret military space program.

The TR3B has been described as a triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform that can fly at Mach 9 speed and operates primarily in the upper atmosphere. The TR3B is said to use highly advanced pulse-wave modulation propulsion systems that allow it to operate silently and without radar signature. It’s also said to be able to fly to altitudes above 150 km (93 miles).

The TR3B first entered service in the early 1990s, and there are believed to be around 12 in existence. They are operated by a special unit of the US Air Force known as the “Blue Diamonds”.

The TR3B has been linked to a number of UFO sightings, including the famous “Phoenix Lights” incident in 1997. In 2009, a man claiming to be a former employee of Lockheed Martin claimed that the TR3B was responsible for the majority of UFO sightings over the past 20 years.

What Happens when you die?

6) 1hr 33 min – What happens when you die? We look at some abstract ideas about the end of life.

There is no one answer to this question as it is a matter of personal belief. Some people believe that when you die, your soul goes to heaven or another spiritual realm. Others believe that your consciousness simply ceases to exist. There is no way to know for sure what happens after death, but it is an interesting topic to think about.

Full AI Generated Video Transcript of Ep 43 Everythings An Illusion Podcast.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the podcast the questions everything the conspiracies to philosophy from science to religion we are below here the construct of the illusion and as always we will question everything hello and welcome to another episode of everything’s an illusion a podcast every question every [ __ ] thing I’m your host Rob Wallace I’m joined this evening yes this evening by the bearded Master of sci-fi mr. Craig Andrew hello people of podcast land I know you are hoping for the guy fit like money to TV in this podcast last month but no it is I I have the talent do you have a beard I develop builds yes there we go there we go well my beard wasn’t good enough for the new robot the best movie asking me to come in be in the film and this is I’m sorry I don’t have 414 days you were asking for me to Come and be our fate of person sin sin sin things sure is that cool if Scott’s going up the back 100 just looking for the Massey’s okay so ladies and gentlemen the season export gas brought to you by smartphone video production a fantastic book on marking and all that good stuff energetic mayn’t t-shirts and Henry films he reforms as the producer of absolutely fantastic top-notch short films made by the buted massive cipher Mr. Greg Andres to check out his stuff on facebook.com for / hangry films alright that’s the very one yes new phone coming soon depending on how fast I edit it yes that’s correct so the face yes yes coming very soon so the first a fantastic topic for today’s podcast as pyramids and one pyramid specifically is the great pyramid or Khufu’s pyramid or it’s got a whole host of different names but the main thing is after a few years of Shutting it down and scanning and you know the fancy new take where team Japan and the UK and the USC and obviously Egypt they have discovered two new chambers two new chess and one of them’s the same size or of similar size as the King’s Chamber which is pretty [ __ ] huge when you think about it you know I mean hangs 5,000 plus years old if you go by traditional and eating etc yep and there’s a chamber which is absolutely uses another a smaller chamber that they Found that looks like a ax we access corridor yep so it’s 30 meters long and again big enough for demanding it and then it lets play amazing there well I think the best thing about the phone ds2 voice a large void and are a smaller for it and haven’t even done big void in small void so that’s that’s yeah it’s pretty cool when you think about I hopefully you see for like three thousand years four thousand years five people have been explored in that whole Area hey get on these shafts get into the chamber I mean obviously it was robbed thousands of years ago at some point and then archaeologists of B Neil excavating and taking all that stuff and then it’s taken that summer a time to find these definitely aliens it’s just what are these areas for that’s the big question since building off with the ideas and all they did in father’s like the King’s Chamber the Queen’s Chamber the Grand Gallery and as all these definitely compartments and the village ideas of these things are for so what these well the actual just theorizing these chambers are for I don’t think I don’t think they actually there’s stuff that I watched they were the kind of people that done the theorizing because yeah we need the Great Pyramid for me is obviously all the kind of things which your class go arc you’re just don’t sorry Knowledge the fact that the the numbers and proportionally the same size as the F and the various things like pi and Phi another mathematical constants are woven into the length when you take in proportion with the size of F and the size of the yes diameter and circumference and then when you there was a a YouTube channel watch recently I found some ancient architects somewhere that I put the link up on sure notes and the page and the guy and he gets through The historical facts the the papers the books the can academic Canon notes and the whole reason that the Great Pyramid is attributed to Khufu is because two bits of graffiti Angus and the Queen’s or the King’s Chamber and it’s quite obviously noted as graffiti academically as graffiti noted as graffiti yeah and that’s the attribute and factor that it was made by Khufu and then the other but that that compounds that and gives It cleared and says awoke naught for limestone for the cladding yeah so there are the two things in history which date and put the building of the Great Pyramid in Khufu his team did they two things one of them there’s just a cladding it’s not actually the petabyte so it could be the last part and then some graffiti so that does literally when you look at other things in Egypt yesterday they’re well documented within that same period the the Lords of Documentation there’s a lot of references as loads there’s none of that yeah again that’s just these two you know almost out of sorts but seven four but that’s the only and thought they have when I get it Parramatta feel like about its potential builders yeah I think I think it’s also interesting how they how they found these voids that’s a new one technologies is out those these cool scanner things that where’s the background yeah it’s like Particles and if particles are stuff so they cannot of course be a debate and I did the major that can I gain Satine stuff those holes you can kind of find the measure for different angles and all that so I it’s very very complicated ways of measuring through I thought of a centrist and they had them I think it was three teams maybe four teams and they’re all using summer technologies and similar take but they were working completely independently and they all Come up with the same in the same same space so it’s definitely verified that there is these new cavities whether they can get the authority to control them or access them but I still when you go into the whole idea of saying the Great Pyramid was a tomb then you will prove that to me there when you went to thinking maybe it wasn’t a to me hey it could be someone else and you look at it I just can’t go for the fact that I am almost 100 Percent sure that as you were to give a more than the top of the food chain architect let see so Norman Foster and give them unlimited funds and say build a replica of Gophers pyramid the same size everything again to scale yes unlimited budget go for that even if they could achieve it wouldn’t be done and 38 years of whatever it was supposed to be you know from start to finish because identity never Kofu never started planning has pyramid before he Was born yeah it’s potentially has to me so Wendy start planning your Timothy when he was an adolescence yeah but it’s no something a can and that’s other thing it was his boat with and has rain but for it to be even conceivable has to be built from the when he was the day he was born no I mean yes thank you girl alright what’s up he died and just save this for tea if you died in his forties and they Say it take about for a year then I wasn’t actually designed by him I was Bolton for him by some genius I think I think was quite interesting as the wheel idiot has come back for the scans as at the moment he seemed to be can a regular species you know that the the chambers the feared the Grand Chamber the King’s Chamber in the community but a very kind of how you’d expect how would you imagine I can a burial chamber to be like a square space make four walls Place for the tomb please so you have this idea that everything within this pyramid has been perfectly nice connect excuse me I beg for it especially with a small voice I can I scream choices maybe it’s just a belt like ok bass fell in that band justly Jam you sure hip your noise you know in the me I just like messed the spot though over the respawn or they were setting up sandwiches and that was a replayed in you know I mean I’ll just Say you’d have your sandwiches hate for the gave the weapon then they just you know I mean that could be there was a okay to him in chair watched and it was something like or tear myself Kenneth E these are ideas and how they both a parameter again it started with a the classic there was a Hana thousand slaves they built these huge mud ramps and drag sharp eye center also if we see that that’s northerly how else could have been done and the one sort of Triumphed is the the most plausible was essentially very similar but the debri or went and and said yeah they can I vote if they then say that I saw a folder like yeah like the pediments it used to get years ago and had meant fun during the middle so instead a mint fondue it was ruble and in that case but the guy the documentary he concluded was is what as much as this is the most plausible also throws up loads engineering problems things like again How the possession Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber and that sort of stuff yeah and it explains some of the things like the King’s Chamber Hosanna canna tiered roof system it’s like five or six years yeah and that’s the hood the wait can almost dissipates the weight like a not-kenny way they moved out she’s back in the day Telemachus that’s very do i you know i mean by name and the the never had the technologies just make a bag span and one stone another store and I kept on going and that last stone you would would create the arts and math attack mm-hmm so it was almost the same sort of principle the the to keep the they dissipate the weight through the rest of the shape but as though that entity i don’t think they’re gonna explore i think it’s fantastic that they have been using this modern technology sticks to explore take any a pyramid but i don’t think that they were actually drilling These things yeah it’s very hard to get permission to move stones and especially in the pyramids with Egyptian territories and the authorities a very kind of like you know something just like the actual a was it called the shafts that come out yet they put a robot up a couple of them and just to get permission to put the rule boy up the shaft like it was new Gellin it was need breaking innocent resisting but they together up the shaft it’s just A lot of a lot people walking and stuff I don’t really saw I mean the pyramids are you know very culturally significant to the model you know I’m a special I have been to the elements forever for you if you indulge me from my touch them most they are very big and Cairo a shuttle so there we go ELISA that like as some day who they say you have been at the pediments and never been open events but be near a few megalithic sites yeah in the UK and and In various H South America and one of the things that got me like a sexy woman and her was she a sized that the building blocks you know I was like supposedly there was a Reacher gay that secretary I’ve been explaining to me that the CAF these blocks with a bit of meteor a base I just hammered them any shape like a a hand pound hammer kinda thing I’m psychic a surf they [ __ ] this thing is absolutely huge 75-ton plus block you know which boat which point Bob is thrown off the to for the it’s crazy I think that we we as a human biological machine running software can design mobile phones it is a bit man an amendment can create some of the most amazing kena craziness but yet our ancestors we attribute them as just being dumb but yet the the evidence suggests otherwise you know I mean I parameters I’m guessing like just won’t fit pictures it’s pretty goddamn [ __ ] huge but I’m Guessing mini actually intended you’re just like what default best thing is even bigger than I even was thinking about comprehend yeah I always thought when I got to Egypt I’ll run up the pyramid two steps there’s a lot I’ll do just hit my picture here it’s really hard I’ve seen a couple of people in YouTube do that you get a Yankee getting quite a battle if you do it as well but the young rushing kids don’t give a [ __ ] yeah so I don’t really see but Developments I think know they can I will take my phone these big voids it could be a new chapter in the pyramids or understanding the pyramids but the piece at which these the Egyptologist community moves exactly super fast sort of take a few years to get permissions to show holes you know same some sort of blue bow and to these voids I’m gonna make there ain’t never get the progression we may never find out with the voids are for I don’t think they’ll Come some sort of crazy idea of what they’re supposed to be yeah so parametric done and on FEMA three welcome back to permits and at some point say again I’m sure we’ll come back to the pyramids at some point as we always do oh I said doesn’t that as for the fort listener there’s an entire podcast and pyramids I’ll put that in the show notes okay let’s move to the crazy Russians his claw oh sorry sorry the lessening hello Russians could I’m Not crazy please don’t oh no I don’t mean I don’t mean crazy Russian such as me crazy Russians so the the Facebook of came out and stated the the amount of money that the various where they called as scanner like propaganda Russian news agencies of state agencies trading propaganda for the American election was something like 0.5% of the budget he taken and talk between them and then what Trump and the holiday spent so basically it’s Insignificant what they spent in comparison to what Trump and however they spent so obviously the argument is but what they spent will was enough to tip the tip the the skill and one direction or the other because it was quite tape that’s about yep you are they we because there’s other people that had cashed that paid for adverts for either Hillary or Trump name that one of the Russians seems to be is like Oh in it we need some form of blame at the minute to Get into I don’t know another Cold War or another arms race or another something yeah I think I think was interesting to me years we grew up in that last era of the Cold War this was eighties before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling Soviet bloc you know the idea that East and West were fading each other but there was no battlefield the battlefield was like James boy James Bond spies and covet operations and you know secret Handshakes and you know the way James Bond would stop the Russians and the loving D lakes and all that stuff in secret pay planes and new it just seems like when it sees on Facebook do you want to promote that side for $15 the Russians just clicked yes oh I think create the rad and then run it at Facebook like fate I think it was one of the saying that was we’ve seen so just a curiosity with all day the DL used click because we know Facebook into our and Instagram all the data we get there Nick collect put in a file and sell it to people so the other people would say we share and take your money and they make money that’s how the model works but the thing was all these ads will get paid by in rebus they were just basically go thanks very much feel rebels no quit no no none of the big brains were like a thief in Russia but that’s the thing that even convert $30 a coin artistic tip that can a veil of secrecy unit just Be easily swayed and the Facebook cards made hundreds of these blue cards first whatever political gain or political motive they hide and then paid for the rebels in facebook just mean that these this is this a page with all their standards correct click and they need to it the money and put in the bank well that’s that can that that that isn’t it buying an election that’s Dean everyday or does an election you know it’s almost as if at the end of the day ocean so you Want an election to be as a for and as a non for even as a committee and you want some day that you’re in favor of to become the person that can get the best outcome yeah so if you’ve got some spare cash why not Kenneth empty bush the can your preferred choice yeah that’s what they look I I idea I think it’s gone into these these hearings and it’s all but how it’s affected dilation And there’s using wrecking a lot and all that kind that terminology realize if you take every step back and just look at it it’s like an objective kind of crazy money cuz you see Russia we’re just [ __ ] a bit you know just be index just good I just go Vladimir by the way when you cool do you want any Facebook guys on the [ __ ] Holly applied to be like nobody I only go flat amia oh okay my blood my kool-aid for it I will do a Facebook ad By the way that’s not a Russian in this room that was me did an impression of a Russian just I mean it’s crazy and it’s because America right now is just crazy tinderbox we are you know these things have to be sorted exist a key so and it’s like well a Facebook don’t do it we’ll have to clap down her face but and then that leads into the whole can idea will is that clacking to any free speech of free movement I think these ideas that all capitalist Societies just as a whole a facade just to take up time of people yeah yeah maybe it may just be the best ruling ever the whole country truly know even being like sat on a bitter after the dead pain reboot and all I know the IP addresses that are making these ads for Trump or whatever war free Russia Facebook or basically it’s good nothing wrong with that that’s variables or just Buddhism are dollars I’ll take them well there’s the classic and I was one of the I guess John McAfee you know friend remark a few also our presidential nominee he had stated when it comes to hike and if the footprint is usually efforts that obvious ie it’s Russian – Russian IPS the sister agenda means wasn’t named because if you’ve got the scale with the high can government our system yeah you never know they could get to saying my name is this is then it becomes or who’s who’s doing that who’s who’s buying the Kids and he’s square be somebody with an America pertaining to be Russians that sort of becomes a bit kind of James Bondy CIE from campaign I mean if they lost [ __ ] in the quantum with the Russians fast and getting into put the content that maybe that’s that could be where people are gonna get in trouble I had a good quote about conspiracy said that there was some along the length of the scary thing is the world does not actually run By people that have a grip on things they say something along the lines of give me I shall look into it in Kobe on the conspiracies realized that the world’s acts a lot worse because that s near a driver no I mean on the court yeah as runnin wild it’s loose Sarah control and conspiracy can ideas gives the comfort that there’s a you know hi does a get something in the back pulling the chains directing the chaos And where they were seen was actually there’s more evidence to show that there is no again that wasn’t a any plan to the Russian nests of the can I kill of 300 or Illuminati or any other Skinner stuff it’s just crazy chaos can bouncing off each other yeah which is the way it should be you know I mean this so that’s really real animals we love in an animal kingdom the world should be chaos is Qian dark but yes lol [Music] we’ll move on oh no but we’re gonna see their customized hey that was just there Russians are buying you buy Vladimir vodka some luckily this [ __ ] fraud cast know why the bottom just me the same voice no talking of conspiracy so we move on new new t-shirt energetic mind as a big circle and stuff quickly energetic means if you win you see me a bit deli talk and hoodie to us kind of Strange I think I think I think that’s me no recollection the meatrix yeah I’m look when you see that’s Russia not it maybe Russia so they’re Russians have just released the new GF key fails they have and then there we found out there it was the Russians McGinnis so we’re gonna talk about the release of the GF ketoses as avid listeners moon all we’ve done a brilliant podcaster but the JFK assassination a couple of my series well I’m not for me that podcast just scratched the surface of stuff to go over where the advent a weight the appetite so we all we all come back we’re a GF key part to I think I stole a lot of stuff but it did the least the youth fails he fails and fails four years ago they’ve just released them these were promised back in 92 George Bush the first one hated the cie possibly in Dallas a team that’s good Not gonna do it he put another 25 years on these secret fails Trump gave the go-ahead to at least some of them not all of them and there was redactions in some of the pieces that well lay out the ones that really oh well keep behind because the be the fake national security I heard that figures more than 50 years after the fact Neagle thought but not to go all the way back into the GF key thing there was a couple of points have Come up and some stuff I found quite interesting that can uh it’s always quite nice to do with GF PST be devil’s advocate play the role of Joe normal who doesn’t know anything about that who takes on board the official a story that was governor Lee Harvey Oswald 24-year old ex-marine links to Russia shot the President to billets one three shots one mess – billets lice short being a head shot so that’s that’s the Warren Commission’s came to – no it’s all these new people’s commit could bring up sort of interesting facts or a and near those our report after the assassination someone there was a report of a man from New Orleans who came forward and said 10 days before the assassination he already had the conversation in the bar about a an assassination attempt on the president would possibly happen in the next three weeks he waited after decision to report not Again maybe just he’ll see maybe the guys just made up for to be part of the GFP thanks this was 1963 but again a that is true and the people on this bar and New Orleans really hard as well just to live and had some connections there then actually I realize both of these connections and these people knew about it that just proves the official theory because that’d be a conspiracy and they say There’s no conspiracy so that’s one point there is a document that states that the kimbridge take the king didn’t use a British newspaper got a tip-off twenty five minutes before the assassination happened there’s something big was happening in America and they should phone the embassy student to find out details for the news story now again the Cambridge news isn’t exactly the biggest paper and flatten so it’s very strange that they were fun but being a Paper the voice that loves to take notes there was a tick vehicles of the Coles again four stories seemed a bit strange retain reported that again probably wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald if he was preparing to being a sniper’s nest all by himself so if something had prior knowledge that was gonna happen again that would say conspiracy and more than one person you again the official story exact when a [Music] There was a memo from G edgar Hoover which brought up her cell until no FBI ma mom sure brought up his concerns about how they must convince the nation that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin and acted alone that could be him just thinking rate assess what’s happened we need to make sure we get the story out or if he’s having doubts about that story what I’d thought information did he know what that theme and again if he knew all the Things that happened would just force a conspiracy and the official stories not again those are the redactions those possible testimony in there that gets cut off as a passage I’m sure it’s a question and answer and then asking I see an ex-cia agent F Lee Harvey Oswald to native connections to the CIE agency on another agency and then for some reason that man was kind of stopped and now answer there’s never given so these are just three or four things I’ve came Out and these a list yeah there’s a lot of documents came out so we need to think I’ll take every rail someday a lot smarter and with more time me will they a book about it the new people’s by Joe Bloggs and will to read that can a concise idea that les personnes they also enough what they’ve read the news documents but just n tracing that again the stole stuff redacted the stole stole questions up in the elevator you finished centuries mr. Loffler I think I think there’s no a generation that the biggest event ever had today would probably mean 11 those conspiracy theories about that and that’s just cannot a lot of people do it noise so the kind of version of events he’s getting very very muddied with her but I think I stole think Lee Harvey Oswald was not sure I still think does a lot of a much larger conspiracy happening and it still goes on today so yeah so I felt I don’t know if you Get any kind of ideas new people’s really flow now I think the diamond and information that got released and the time that since has been really still take time for people to be able to read through a simulated sever simulator and then put it in context with the stuff that is what I did there and they were tied there yeah put the things in place I think over the next year or so as you see there will be some books maybe some new movie speakers GFG movies and There’s a lot of money in that a lot of the big fellows should yourself you know I was watching I think it was a the Joe Rogan podcast he does like if I do one well as well and it was talk to you that can I exchange in a bit the GF key conspiracy and you know there was a very keen de I came in with a guy’s name so publishes round one no but do we get that double negative answers come across so they kind of see oh well it could have been Lee Harvey Oswald but then This happened in the CIA just well yeah that’s that could have happened in at the top that could have happened Azrael even though he’s cleaned up patrina as Lee Harvey Oswald was a madman there’s a lunar crazy guy and he did that keep dancing questions that kind of disproved he possibly didn’t do it there’s no deal come back because it’s not like a lot of that stuff’s this mess of all evidence a lot of it’s real tangible evidence just off the top made something like the fact That Lee Harvey Oswald went to Russia it stayed there for a few years came back and the fostering Hampton was he was allowed back in the country but someday who loved in Russia escaped the Stalinist and Khrushchev and the perils of that and the late fifties early sixties with no can an agency ties to the KGB abhava would spend years and detention centers and you know thoroughly checked vetted but as Lee Harvey Oswald’s here we come Back straight back into America with his Russian wife even though we fail and his PO in the public domain that when he was in Russia he was given secrets away technically should have been done as a trio she’s hung straight off the plane on the tarmac but no he was allowed to come back in very strange strange moves on so just a REIT a nice object we can quickly discuss as this idea that and it’s becoming a bit more because we use disseminate didn’t know people like Alex Jones these independent news organizations you know I conspiracy theory or if you’re talking about conspiracy city then just seeing it in that context makes it almost invalid but takes some sort of kind of responsibility of truth offer you know at this you are that’s just a conspiracy theory it’s like will to assassinate Caesar the Roman Senate can smiled behind his back that’s a conspiracy that’s a conspiracy so the theory as or If they fail in all the anis know well the idea that solid asset dog barking the idea that conspiracies don’t happen if as a conspiracy then that as it can’t be true others a lack of another it’s Bailey Street he merely to see that government stood dealing conspiracies as crazy because they obviously do you know him America has in a specialist yeah you have a very rich history of kuda tires and assassinations and covered in these Things up yeah and if you think about it up every one of their was at some policy and then if you have a theory about so conspiracy theory even though the conspiracy theory is the truth that happened senior conspiracy theorist or you’d believe in conspiracies [ __ ] I can’t believe it gives buzzes because these conspiracies happen all the time nice like the series’s which been portrayed it I think it’s some social Propagated by those in power of those were truth to get general Joe Bloggs to the point where it’s easier for them and beneficial to those in power to just dismiss anything which is challenging to their personal what on fewer the standard were of you that’s advertised and pushed via the mainstream they just cry often see it gets better soon yeah yeah no that that classic is or you you’re deep so you are you shallow then it’s like it’s just the easy way for Some day just Meza and get back to Holyoke so this message and get back to and tone about the latest three-piece suite so the TV radio video is consumer I am yeah caspere’s the Sobers this it’s always been a part of every I said the the thing we’ve discussed in the past like a game of chess is very complicated as a lot options in a game of chess the variables man ask you computer gamers go you know the sort of Asian Chinese Strategy game and if you think about the the meta combinations except that I gave my co-host and a gimmick or takes a day compared that corporate Empire or you know like something like the GS were odd I’ve been inspired and and playing a game a chess on a global scale for 500 years the the game they’re playing may be so complex that you know even the brightest most strategic game player could not comprehend because it has so many 10th who has so many you can force Tons and moves that don’t make sense because you’re only see in two or three moves but the person you’re playing against has perceived your moves up to the 20 moves down the line and they have predicted that you vote the ABCDE and F and when you have F then there’s no comment’ a play and you’ll be beat by G I just I just just just is worth talking about conspiracies not gonna sting know that but you know those crazy thing that happened in the past these all turn out To be the truth [ __ ] so nice GF King conspiracies we’ll come back to that another team don’t eat it I’ll need to be lesson to little GFP podcast and see what angle I can come out if you get any angles didn’t touch with folks you think and you can get in touch with via the Facebook which is Facebook everything’s an illusion podcast you just saved on your guess via the website that’s offering citizens an illusion corn those Links to youtube or Twitter Facebook and tray answer I think Facebook’s the most active in terms of daily content and comments etc and so you can get his own WWE everything’s illusion dot are you a store over the Russian Lincoln I never paid for that one then who did drop who did don’t cool so we move on Catalonia Catalonia the Fox go in there no craziness I said transfer no yeah very interesting So as we record this podcast there’s been a race warrant saint for ministers you’ve been chopped off the government like any just been jailed and so that’s man this man these revolutionaries must be known as day my understanding is obviously Spain has this bank and has always been region so they had the Basque Country the Catalans and democracy is the keep over the world and democratically I think it was like 70 or 80 percent voted for independence And that was even with the Spanish government and had been in and taken over a few of the electro can I support shutting him down etc yeah and then I the Spanish government basically declared that all Catalonian you know electoral practices were void and what basically taking over and then a Catalonian it’s just to say did well you forced at hand were declaring ourselves independent it’s a Spanish government one hand and said Nope we are Spain you are Spain and the rest is history mm-hmm it will be interesting to hear the UK or the British government and defend why job role as a part of the UK but Carolina’s upon a Spain well I mean that brings I can a very questionable just we as a species how we identify ourselves you seem to have evolved over the past 400 years of conflict and yeah do we the industrialization has happened and no do We then till next taking over on stuff like we can we became really big we keep aim piles and I was like in a way of dealing with how we were evolving socially and they were kind of came back to me back when I mean what kind of tea no single bean this peg doesn’t really work specially in this modern age I think that we we can communicate each other way we can do we stuff moves throughout the ball the moves a lot faster we don’t need to be a big spin People are becoming a VBAC more even though they can look out into the world a lot beggar I think we’ve come to be back with our muscles I was in Scotland obviously have had that independence for a couple years ago the wind we have staying within the British Union and it’s interesting to see how other countries are dealing with I mean the last can I beg conflict in Europe would have been like Yugoslavia and all that wouldn’t know Bosnia and that was quite Brutal and bloody I thought I don’t think that’s will comment the same place but you can see this to start of how these things evolved and how the escalate form peaceful protests and people trying to go a bit that business too yeah I think I know the way it comes don’t check it out a monetary thing as everything in this [ __ ] stupid planet what you know there’s all this their financial element to cattle will never Be in part it’s been you know it’s and that’s why they went to keep it there Oh be queer beg bet better this Barcelona and Catalonia is like like California it’s that powerhouse you know it’s yeah it’s not EDI which is does a whale I think that’s one of the one of the reasons that the the foot want a step away I think you know a cat lines have a very much Catalonian history never that in language etcetera etcetera etcetera Emerges here like come through history we continuously board us change cultures change you know just look with a overview of history and you Civil War right I so and one of the things that really cemented to me that was remember against something meeting a racial derogatory a regional kind of thing did he we talked for the Caribbean loving a walk in and the UK and when you look at history there was black folk so North Africans that came with the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago yeah so potentially in folk of African heritage 11 and working on the British a Oh a thousand years before the ancestors of the person I made the ratio a thing we ancestors been the canna Scandinavian Danish ancestors arrived again the whole thing about who you are and where you’re and borders I think it’s quite interesting without just never the genetic can I catch the you can get DNA Kits and you can buy enough for 100 quid ancestry.com whatever and people fed on holy [ __ ] 40% Erebor again 80% Scottish again 40% less 40% now for the percent now and no outs they’re realizing and it’s a lot pressure opposition i the the the the whole concept I remember want a boundary thing said no one tamed speakers corner asking a guy ready comfy and he says I was born under the Sun I was like I know she awoke kind Of what about it but really a fairness is I was a mother earth how am i human born onto the Sun I kept on place normally what they can but he’s argument was sound in a sense of surreal oven you know I mean I mean I mean his name was was hot wand I he looked very like a potato but that’s that’s right but the point was a nice sheet yet he’s point his point was skin but here discussing ideas what relevance does the fact that because I have a funny accent that’s an Idea that’s that’s a concept that’s an idea where the borders really these things physically harm budding if you take it throw by can a point of view that we started to these tribes what were way up he started is good if you look at monkeys the way monkeys into that these kind of tribes these kind of groups that’s when we started and you know the groups quit begging and begging and begging but then the bed group there’s All these we groups I think we groups meet this week or I’m gonna sell things like sell things like yeah I believe it all of this off but you know this kind of board those physical portals that can be put up in seen it so it’s a very interesting space but it’s always been being such a big place I do apologize for that dog barking I’m dog saying so it is a deck so that’s why I make me lose my train of thought it was serious in a bit like I come from the gym six Address each other one of the things has performed not but calmer sapien is the the base of the the chimp are the header they say so check and they could only control groups up until like 30 40 and then they got too big that’s as big as a trip school but be it we eat some magic mushrooms and created language or symbols to create language the we created symbols and language to understand the crazy symbols and [ __ ] new things that were fluency remains and Through that we then created stories and stories was the thing which I loaded us to identify in groups better than 50 ie you go anywhere in the world Nora Catholic you can instantly identify with something she was a Catholic if you go anywhere in the world and you read yeah support are you can instantly identify with another ear support F can you go anywhere the world and you see I’m a squash it’s a story that defines yeah you could be of any race if any can each Whatever but you in the deepest darkest Russia and you meet another score like okay yeah Dana five each other it’s the story which a bring G and can Carolina fighting for their story within a story essentially and sober Scotland and any other a national independence can I thing directly where you were saying or see me be seen of it and a modern age with technology etc as a lot easier to manage and self-managed smaller groups new because of Technology and we Have gained a fantastic opportunity to I feel like almost federalize and make small government bodies throughout the various countries to bring things me a local to get local people power decision-making power except trackers that one of the bigger problems where the Yuki is and one the major reasons for a lot of independents can ideology there’s the fact that London is so big powerful and in fact London so definite from not just Scotland but so different From the rest of England you know as socks up again he gets all the money for new transportation links I saw the money for this spear people investors can and just need 100 people in Manchester Liverpool Newcastle Bristol and all these other places are always showing for again we want some investment you want some never Maine against Scotland are way up in the North or and it’s London versus the rest England its London versus the rest of the UK but People all over the world identify with a story of London yeah it’s great hey guys asking about obviously the idea that the borders are so technically there we information and we goods can be passed with it we don’t need the bottles we could all be the Star Trek universe where there’s no bottles and none of these [ __ ] lovely but if that part of the world has lots of sea farmland in the park and the Bombers lots of industry there’s the movement of The goods it has bits easier tailing the farm people manage the farm and then we’ll hit – fine because that’s already and the people don’t near do what the [ __ ] they do so there’s these natural borders of cultural and can our physical walk species I think that’s like for me you go yeah you see good owned by Newcastle Manchester as a different country it seduction we’re loving bumble for [ __ ] no borders I never be been [ __ ] child that’s why I’m after just chill the [ __ ] out it would be well that’s it like a lot of like can you get gangs and can people they mystically bacon New York canna stuff guess you see that on the movies and stuff where people just like again for blocks a tree in two blocks that way that’s just a letter a and we don’t leave again this area because yeah the Crips over there I don’t know what other things other gangs are but the idea is like the Identify and they’ve created these can affect Ashis boundaries but the real because the real because you give them the power again and you see these can a gangly habilitation can hang the guy has a Wayne it decides to get the tattoos later lasered off his face he grows up about and realize you know what that snore ELISA Bert this game walks past the and would see something like you know this just to be the boundary and I could Never go past the air and yeah the the whole concepts of say Catlin Ben Catalonian and Scotland being scorned historic stories that people identify way culturally okay I suppose a lot yet yeah that is that but then there’s the other side do it of as you see people 1 & 2 circulation and a future it’s in both weakness thought the stars are easier to manage at a smaller facility there’s a big facility I also think there’s a perception of fairness I mean if you think as a few people may think in Scotland at the we the four kingdoms are run as one as an unequal partnership and unfair it would be feel as if Scotland itself manages its own affairs and was very very friendly but every one of them that that seems a very plausible idea and a good we are thinking the same a Catalunya Catalan I think will being part of this big thing we have even though we’ve got This history in this story that we went preserve its on the fina did we feel that be managed and we’d be happy we feel they feel and we’d be happier doing it myself and that’s a kind of that I can idea of Alex in the American Constitution this idea of happiness you know pursuit of happiness you know life is very short than this spanning Rock we also do as flat off and we need care you know that’s what makes people happy I Kind of desire and destination that they see the sales in their communities we because did that the argument is like well how come you don’t just meet your lien hoose yeah you you do me country then I thought they’d been on policemen or firemen you know these cannot there is a wider enjoyment of being part of a community I think we’ve been back to the idea of study of eats as you see they get to a certain point and then they split up Because it’s too big amazement front they’ll form you he you can see look over you see we’ve developed a mechanism to make it I don’t know but maybe being about small others the base week but you know cut one is better than tracing been interesting to see how that fix it it’s the usual the revealer traces here escalates I don’t know if you know us Rob but recent history Spain had quite the state attacked and the Thought is with itself know for sure for sure oh no I mean it’s very interesting to see what happens and speak of spinors again it’s Paul it’s politics I see anything it’s far rate and then in recent days it’s it’s it’s the rate but it’s progressively coming up with some crazy left ideas as well so yeah I think I think the kind of economic collapse effect it’s been there’s one of the big of countries quite badly property maybe kiss there like France Germany even eyes And Yuki like spend and do that will and with as a prosperous region like Catalonia may of had been itself you know know seen it then collect it’s all assassins from the biggest bean but that may feel like they’ll be taking the slack here what’s going on and help us one that mechanisms one other kind of similar arguments that both Texas and California made you know I mean they’re looking this I mean rumors elasti I don’t know off the top here my Statement maybe Hawaii Alaska I mean it only they’ve only been part America what hundred years you know these ideas what I recall no I think that’s just it’s not technically state but it’s part of there’s a few a little island ship yeah they’re not technically stage but they come under the governance of the American government sometimes we it’s like places like Japan all time China Islands nor that stuff in whistle when Argentina feet away lies so until They get wiped by a hurricane field oil answers that no north of oats and between us and so much less sex the Falkland Islands Saudi so I think in think if you think of some of the Falkland Islands which is at any be ailing doomed by Argentina the British have controlled for I thought I see two hundred years just for sake of argument there’s a big argument and notice that we had the conflict in the wall needing it to with Argentina because he wanted It to be part of Argentina but Argentina as the idea of a whole country that ice as it’s like 150 years old so technically that we bet of the British Empire has been there longer than the concept of a hardened Tina you know if you keep them back far enough that’s what yes you can think these things through every but so yeah I mean so for me the idea of the United States as in itself these states you donate to be this one thing but they could be Their only things I mean I and the majority of these states out think about much better than most countries in Europe knew of Luxembourg [ __ ] Andorra it’s a teeny almost principalities from a medieval time they still Switzerland I’m sure those Texas is much better than Switzerland why can’t I still be twenty United Kingdom’s and it takes us yeah and there’s a big movement in Texas T because this I guess the federal government don’t own the Land and Texas Texans actually own the land it’s different from every other state in that respect and the either some really interesting things with Texas compared to the other states that the Lone Star State the Rovers that are very independent you know I don’t really know much about there as to history in Constitution and again federalism and the way that the implementer yeah so we go from kappa yeah unsolved I think we sorted out yes and we’ll move straight to TR three B’s tr-3b and that sort of send a show notes and you can check but tr-3b is as the so a triangular UFO that’s very very popularly seen in a lot of movies and YouTube videos and again even posters and stuff for things like see ya next shot from coat it’s called postcard from the apocalypse is a Facebook page if you went to this beast and I study base two handsome young men and and one with a Beard one left at intermediate and then that there’s some gonna ideas about UFOs and I remember one of the graphics being of the tr-3b has been their net so CR Phoebe’s a lesbian so technically don’t exist you know there’s no official we are making these these anti-gravity spacecrafts but they’re like kind of triangle shape a the mall kind of seeps out through the internet and more people that’s quite a lot information about them out there look they seem to be that Kind of UF that triangular UFO [ __ ] and it means me of the stealth bombers yep yet when before they’re like war the first one the qat oil side the Museumplein a so that’d be like the eighties there was several American bases and you look so like we hit a couple I think like over Belgium loads of these reports and these weird flying UFOs that are fairly silent in the sky mid weird noises and flashing Lights and for two or three years all these reports would commit all these weird UFOs come near rock wall we send in the stealth bombers the anti-radar spacecraft and all these triangular shapes and then it comes with they’ve been test flying over these bases in Europe so there’s a an MLG of a great history of debunking stuff in false flag and stuff well no get annoys me ordinary but that can be seen this one the idea that you don’t see anything and if stuff Comes up and people assume or take an takuna this is something I’ve never seen before it could be aliens the wrong method and they’ll self propagate massive information towards those ideas the governments are really good and these trt B’s sort of just by my ex TR CBS anti-gravity spacecraft possibly 5-10 years ago being tested looks like alien spacecraft no I’m almost coming out into the mainstream are these the next generation of fighter Jets or reconnaissance planes that will be using the interesting thing as well we have to forget a technology from Bob but did we make it ourselves what if I get it from somebody else this is the thing which I think is really interesting this the sense of general Joe Bloggs myself included has very very ignorant of the piece of science now if you think about a logarithmic curve you know something going 1 squared is 1 2 squared Is 4 thirty squared is 9 4 squared is 16 5 squared is 25 6 squared is 36 in the gaps getting bigger and bigger so 7 49 eat24 yeah nein 81 10 honor that it’s getting beg it’s getting big fast Ida Nana scanner the the piece at which technology is moving is going exponentially it’s moving at such a pace that we are no longer this even it was arthur c clarke that said when Technology becomes n distinguish it from magic and we all know at that point where obviously everybody sees the progress and the speed of see mobile telephones you know going from 10 years ago being a thing which could make a phone call to today being as powerful as your laptop as powerful as your compact camera as powerful as any software that you run on your laptop they’re both as powerful as their portal machine oh no no you did kenya [ __ ] jetta Casio Watch was as powerful as that 64 kilobyte but the what again it has we were so egg ton of what set the forefront after this science that if we were to can I acknowledge or again watch some crazy documentaries about but that actually then we would think it was completely sci-fi I mean there’s loads of podcasts that they’d obviously a lot of people probably think this is on the podcast in the world cuz so [ __ ] awesome but well you to be feared we Should we should see radio that our other podcasts available yeah a few if you must if you must there’s a lot of good science podcasts were asking a lot of questions about and quantum physics and quantum particles and or that’s kind of good stuff and one of the kanaky concepts that they came up with and quantum kind of stuff is the whole idea of the observer effects the experiment and I was a video recently where the guy says He was a yogi and he says like I’ll late I don’t just to take a light bulb you see the late Bob illuminates the room and all those you see can all the nooks and crannies within the room he says but you cannot a light bulb can you use its own late to view the source of the light again it creates this brilliance in the middle but I kind of use itself I can illuminate the rest of the room and this is that’s like your mind you can use your main T eliminate the rest of your Mind to see how your thinking will make sure you again fearful and what makes you again love and what makes you create but you can observe the thing which you’re using to can think about love and think of it this and think of it that’s kept and you can actually observe the the essence of it you kind of used the light to illuminate the light so the earth kinda thing was you just need to switch the light off and set in the dark but this unity if you like in other Nothing and that’s to observe yourself you need to switch off and in the nothing and almost this axiom is what quantum physics are saying when they say for us to observe and the experiments in the quantum world we cannot observe we must another nothing we must dare the test can blind yes just commonly similar conclusions of it the nature of reality and how the main there’s an influencer every level but the main does not actually Potentially it’s not actually in case with and again as we have seen about borders and cattle and it may be a feat constructed a story that we are the the border of robbed stops at the physical body the border of again robbed may actually be infinite it’s just I’ve choose just like I’ve choose to identify a Scottish and not as skin some other gonna fictitious border Lane have identified this robbed but in fact I’m actually everything and nothing And nothing well I’m everything but you can actually experience there nothing it was as soon as you another nothing you have you have nothing to experience thing which your training experience which is nothing you can actually identify you as soon as somebody says I have no ego well you’ve just used your conscious mind to identify the ego there for you you’re using your ego so you still have ego it’s like it and then they say here’s the here’s the they can A great being of the mass that I mix a grass green enhancer as as me I’m the person who makes a grass key because and you’re the person a creature entire reality you’re the crea the triangular UFO leaders again to the tr-3b I suppose the idea then behind out as if you faint in a bit like where the four fronts of physics are going yeah the fact that again observational experiments and the fact that the the new experiment and with can isolate in Arms and a particles of our homes and in the fact that you can transmit and translate and have an ATM like Schrodinger’s cat it’s the cat is alive the cat has their the cat has alive and dead at the same time there’s many different states and can appear to be an ever space-time and somewhere else at the same time it can appear to be a location II and bookish and be at the same time and not at the same time so a named attempt and to get that kind of Physics and understand that as nicely again interlinked with a mind somehow may have created prototypes or tr-3b which allows them to jump in an area of what we would qualify a space-time and use that kind of quantum theory and the actual view engineered projects because the entity physics is just that that can ideas Engineering’s the I shall make in the ideas pronoun many practice making they can a crazy concepts of quantum [ __ ] and I we Can do this – so [ __ ] weird one mind they said I mean you cannot like an idea that these spacecrafts can fly up into space and stuff like a lot I think so just people projecting onto them after that these things do exist and the military I’ll taste them have a quick cool well that’s that like em like it’s not a sort F if you could travel on space surely you would travel can whenever gonna be in a physical gap you Go you know would be VA Yamane some saw the astral projection you know Stargate cannot technology where they project the mind out again and then when you think about things like hallucinogens intelligence and people’s experiences of getting some crazy-ass psychoactive drugs in at an another dimension where they go beyond the five senses the me and entity or a series of entities which see maybe just like children and channel one always see Me be there if you take that particular drug and then through years of in that culture they develop ways to interact with the beings or again whatever and then have a totally different perspective on the nature of reality yeah yeah and our modern-day society it’s almost a kind of strange because the building block of every major culture religion language is psychoactive drugs but in today’s modern society the totally frowned upon Yes I definitely think that the freaking nurse American pilots the hot wired of the LSD flying crazy I can take from skunk works and you can various other but they [ __ ] boring or whoever’s making these high-tech planes is like [ __ ] Starship Troopers telematics man all a big box cake alright of course we move on to some someone in the topic the podcast last week went in a famous program her tongue on this time I bet I can bump concerned a bit about The famous program because because she is just this is just this is just a cheap shot to call me out in the fight that I watched any of the new Star Trek on the streaming services isn’t available to him as I feel like as a pure one point you or I could have called you a Trekkie but uh I’m struggling without at the minute I think I think my my ordinary doctoring tricks them may be revoked I’ll have to go and watch Babylon 5 So this Malloy hey that’s a high quality program just to be fair I was speaking to a friend for what he was talk about how good Babylon 5 was another any time as a remainder another window the worst knows Babylon 5 is terrible just really really bad shape isn’t that but if you I thought if you were if you a talk with a new trick Rob I’m quite happy to listen to but obviously I don’t need to be spoiler for you so then just talk about soon as I can Overriding theme so the new Star Trek for me is really good the cause was better than in a price that last [ __ ] paler shade of the bro well it’s good because one of the things that’s highly without any spoilers as they’re kinda thin line between the Federation being a Explorer race or Explorer again peoples that have the prime directive etc and the fact that they’re all of us they have a very historic part of the Federation of culture you know they have Photonic torpedoes and X and X and military capabilities and that as enemies there are you know people that come against so it’s asking that question again between the Federation as the Explorer and the Federation as a military power and it’s asking a lot of questions around which is quite good then because it there’s a episodes that they don’t really justify the again it’s the order but explorers but all look we just created the Defiant and the battle Station and what I’m going to show you if I can ever done and then and but then never really go into the the Graber you explain it explore so I hint that spread the whole purpose of this season is about I hope they’re like it’s gonna be like definitely hangs every season it’s nobody be like the one thing I don’t know flash journal maybe but in this one season it seems to be that step so far seems to be the key theme ever said There’s lots of things happening and I’m not going to see and see them because this one is one key can a thing which is happening which if I was to see it year Billy and I spoil for a few people ever true well it’s real yes well I think it is you know it’s a big a which causes a big thing which the only rate in the face and if you’re a fan of Star Trek you promise yeah but no actually seen it but when you see it and when they reveal it you’ve all right as [ __ ] always This folk yeah but because it’s or a day way stuff for the original series I get the feeling there mate yes blame so nice but timely okay okay I get that I tell you what I think is she be fair I’ve been thing to personally leave and the whole yeah I did of spoilers know I know she like just the all access spoiler don’t watch those reviews spoilers on it went don’t watch the new channels a big spoiler on it okay let’s go for your balls off nanny you the last J days coming up think so does she live commit to D looks fits just a 45 second clip a couple you guys then folks Greendale’s going on let’s talk about it let’s not spoil stuff I can just just tell me who sniff guys I don’t give a [ __ ] just tell me I’m so many ways see it I still love ability puddin in fair to our fellowmen is too many person so and they and general out who eyes yet so and the thing he was remember the big Projection and Kayleen sucks so allegedly he was later cannot make a jailer I can bring people back for dead yeah baby was gonna you know cryostasis or some precious larger in the last few was I don’t know it’s just a lot of theories but yeah I’m becoming less and less a vestige of spoilers okay so here’s the spoiler or fray just [ __ ] they like people at you haven’t watched Star Trek discovery or under we threw stars they discovered a Johanna you know Don’t want to hear these spoilers skip on a few maybe you don’t care about spoilers so not a girl [ __ ] tell me I’m gonna watch any of the sort the this is just an idea no such as your theater so it’s a popular thing and the original series was the red and well no popular but we seen it was the Klingon that was genetically altered to be human yeah they’ve touched on that when Josh went back to the trouble with trouble from in Bella Disney episode and it’s an Idea that they tried to genetically modify themselves to be like a Khan and Bashir member they were genetically modified people yeah so there’s a key character and then you episodes which can i fence for the idea that he is a generator modified clone and so that kind of qualities feel it looks like that they cannot nudge it it just looks like a human based tall’s vibrational run on he’s tall he’s Strong he’s loyal it’s a great warrior he was if Kent came from a Klingon present Marie was there for a long time it has special relationship with her the the mistress of the leader either click on vessel present vessel who was a powerful female Klingon Kanna the family member and those various things that when you can like get he glossed over like he says can why we in prison so long honest was she had a thing for me It was like Oh Kenny just the captain just except you know it’s like you never heard sure is your theory that somebody the things Starfleet it’s technically asking us either that the validation has been infiltrated find a better it’s been infiltrating back Klingon but this has the anchor will be over be reviewed later on that would make sense for the the story arc but that’s completely were yeah the past and that’s kind of idea of you know because that just introduced in Cloaking technology that just introduced it’s all about gonna use science and being deceived there’s a lot of that kind of stuff with that can I’m Electric inner stuff and there’s been in at the before and Star Trek and it’s a classic you know this guy who seems to begin a lot of privilege and power trust is actually the person that’s going to bring them down I do disconnect character is that clever yeah yeah I definitely will be yeah I Cannot I can see so s takes place between enterprise and additional series I was like between original series in this game and gets our general next-gen well the mission did the Federation should really know about generator modify climb on and stuff that point oh no for sure and then but if you ever if yeah but maybe the stock gets beamed from AAB they should be able to tail but like in and you know that’s always a person was an extra we disguise some and Or you look something nor well I promise I will watch and I’ll join in the conversation ah I’ve care something I get excited for Mundy’s now yeah it’s the best program I’m watching harmonica I’m kind of on my way through stranger things as well – same season ice I remember the fall season about mosquito that seems to a bit more like the really ramped up the production he’s miss of it like you know the basically a Couple of teams you could have talked to the camera and winked and went remember that back in Goonies remember is about like yeah yeah yeah you remember they move on you know that could break the fourth wall and almost see if that is a reference to the thing remember the thing for the you get run it right back to this door they they’ve ramped up will be a bit more I think there’s no quick it but I will Star Trek has on my list of things to watch well it sounds cool Actually equate from what you just said then how you came across there it was like kinda what Star Trek because I’m watching this shetty replicant eighty spesh and Star Trek as homilist as promised years like so attract a fan are you you know I’ve watched every together thing is a trick she not only a clarity be brought back to so sort of re-education we need to start some sort of earshot trick thing in a star a [ __ ] Star Trek well the university they are like the class once they start a club like this thing once Dean Stockwell me you could even get five out of twenty eight GS cassettes just for the nostalgia that’s the thing me I mean I start TNG’s on Netflix isn’t so he could just scream it itched me up and watch and the horror horror channel has Voyager yeah so I watch that every day really quickly to get by the foxy season Alright so in season six in a minute so I oh that’s Orion is pretty good fast it’s amazing how that a steed gets the first two or three shootings or just struggled quality in 79 thumbs up to go honest that I hate his qualities help kill myself hospital you had you had one last thing to last but not least just a quick Kenna what happens when you die any reason for the question of what how she dies I took a week off what’s there today some rating and that’s kinda one Of the main questions or themes that I wrote a bit during the week but the whole idea of how he died and I just again going with a classic get on a car crash and you’re a Buddhist you see Buddha if you had a Christian you see Jesus and I fear a Muslim you see again Mohammed and it’s this kind of idea that possibly the cultural a ideology that you have adopted or shape because just say that death as a last minute firing off your mind and so it shuts off Because when you die it’s a fact that your mind fires one last tiny metallic again but it doesn’t just fire like the whole thing just lights up so maybe in that last but it can on foo processing power he basically puts forward the cultural thing that you have identified with BIA just say Buddha and you get this big for economies and projection of you know you be the Buddha and all its glory before you’re gonna feed under the darkness or You be Jesus whatever your culture or whether you’re programming dictates or that when you die your programming is irrelevant and you transcend that kind of physical world and the programming that you got when you were here and you genuinely movin is some other can a timeless can a place which you have been before and we rethink meet with your people be like again Star Trek Deep Space 9 would oh and the whole idea of has people when they can liquefy it and Each other you know that kind of move into a space and time in a place where you just Yuri another hive or feel like you just mingle and where the next scan and you realize you’re part and the wholeness that you are everything and need you’re a cultural experience on earth was gonna just amalgamated and at the back software before you’re sent back for another trip and one of them many millions of planets and the universe Just to ideas of their I think I can’t no I mean can I studies showing that ones tip if you have technically declared as you can see it do those still electrical impulses go through your board in the notice and the main this control political and policy so you could theorize that once you’re technically dead that the main distance um reactive deep in its core on a platform version of a platform level we also taking account of the fact that Time is a constructor we observe and I don’t perceive we but as we know team can be manipulated you can bend space-time so tame seconds a minute such as something we’ve constructed so as you see that last energy pulse within the brain synapses could will be few like forever feel like five minutes feel like an ever because at that point your perception of time and how you are relevant it has one a definite level I think the idea that you Would see these cultural references only comes back to you if you have technically died but I’ve been able to come back you know the people see us or the wait late and all that sort of stuff we that gives a perception that there is something else there but what that person has actually seen as just that bust of synapses they’ve told you you’re technically dead but he’s a brain is still active ah fairly until no we that we stalled understand and then you come Back for that you brought back to life and you see it [ __ ] was brilliant I was with princess Lee and look Skywalker and a spaceship in the sky is lovely and that’s that’s a kind of another thing that reinforces the idea of cultural religious indoctrination perception as you see that consciousness could then totally feet away if you fill it if you’re unable to come back to life and you get body stops doing it but your body does You have brain faintly stops firing off all these things and you neither co-op into this cultural matrix and in the universe or you just die and compose and go back into the earth and become part of the atoms that we are well that’s that and I’ve been asking these kind of questions and one of my main characters he is indoctrinated to think that there’s a B C and D happens and then they kill him and then a b c and he does happen but when he comes back because he Survives yeah it’s starting to question well I did see a B C and D and I’ve said that to them and no they think that I’m with them and the fact of that is the way things are but he starts to question but why did it happen as ABCD as that because that’s what he had been led the again that’s what has culture told them what’s gonna happen so there are all of us and has made potentially the wrong there was that option to happen but as he travels he sees that there’s other Ways so he’s curious they see if if he had another near death or death experience would it be as simple as has to be a B C and D because new hazards or other ideas that would maybe influence and change again the simplicity they had when he was young and he died and came back if that makes sense well I don’t want they don’t want to make sense that’s point I want to be done finished manuscript to me it makes sense to me I Was so sad so yeah it’s close that I’m a 70 plus thousand here once before if it was any edited so don’t you don’t need you don’t need shoes shoe off ties rather you know so many things in what I know at least 80 watts oh no no that one there’s about a hundred watts or just to repeated a lot because I see the themes yeah it to know my [ __ ] what that’s there but yeah this I’d like to I’d like to hear people at your podcast line think the judge for Plays no obviously have you come and can a hardcore Christian in this long Jew Taoist Sikh or any other Gina’s and forests ISM Jewish witness whatever your religious background you have a very defined answer and to see me again if you’re an agnostic or atheist or humanist or whatever you have a very defined answer but I just think it’s it’s not a thing that no one can know yeah but yet so many people claim to have intimate knowledge or and I guess I Get a question for but I fine I say equation for the e Jesus is about yep cool and what’s the name of the bill it’s called illusion our whole river in 2018 and it’s all about the illusion I suppose I everything is an illusion podcast the book sent a fantasy world asked a lot of questions of a life-death in the nature of reality but say it not gonna Conan the Barbarian stay a world awesome action can’t wait I hope that’s not what Connor they’re just gonna head that went to an eighty naked passer in three weeks goes on to become a blockbuster number one base a lot in fashion follow rate system can fifteen years man hate you are not high quality no of quality nurse yes I have Gilligan to producer director you fell in coming up give a an iron cage channels because it’s coming up soon yeah so yes we all we hope for Christmas oh [ __ ] no no chance second oh Allah So hopefully in the new year yeah and then you yeah clean your film I’m selling a book I’ll be for Christmas Christmas smartphone media production but then I deal closer at the same so ok people should buy that but after dating in empty they know who has a phone I it’s what Jesus would have wanted exactly exactly you know I mean if Jesus had have fallen here with our co-op a smartphone media production it’s just again because that ended David I want a Be sale and his ideas and that’s what the books orbit shouldn’t have you guys can just be shooting rifles and tunned ANOVA tables I’m is that so tiny for my fellow man that’s really for dinner like God cast Facebook live broadcast branded you know on the Xuan Xuan healin you know I mean triangle viral having get P other poll showing up James told me so Simon up I wanted them to follow me don’t do this You know he’s a he’s a crafty bubble you know he’s a coming you need to be certainly at explaining that you can you can sell your daughter I don’t slavery you know I mean just their this but remember no a neighborhood nation or okay you know sex with angels but uh see all just beg a publicist abilities no marriage won’t approve it or let you can go on yeah as we as we quickly the boys go and mom would say well the end of the day if you’re a Christian at the End of the day I can you need to copy the book because it’s going to help you bish your ideas you know I mean it’s going to help you get them out there and because you had a question you obviously don’t have any money because money is the root of all evil therefore you probably just have a phone so you just need knowledge and therefore a copy the book will do you well okay that’s kind of funny money is the root of all evil some sort of like I don’t Know if that’s an actual teaching from the Bible but that’s can I seriously it seems like it kind of fourth century pretty stick and I think Nikolas definitely super seat obviously mid-calf II had a lot on question [ __ ] sake and it’s this idea enough again but yet if you go to church you always ask for a for money that riffs always looking at chops that roof is always there so especially well for again I went to one recently and it was that was a bit too Early for if I felt young I mean like working average is about 75 might work you know that’s why fear the closer you get to death that they need for Cletus kanita nothing oh no that’s always the way in a clear and I send a chair that they unsafe that there that human mind and left us why the major reasons for that can equation well how she died because nobody knows and people are confident when I heard age and I should say they Get older they started things or and life’s experience paints a different picture and or not or not on that bombshell until the next day see you later everything is an illusion podcast is brought to you by smartphone of media production the but use the power of your smartphone to create video for your business project a good smartphone media production will show you how to plan capture edit distribute and track your Visions all from your Ford the book includes chick games best apps what’s examples are more get it at smartphone video production calm and the energetic maned inspirational thought-provoking images on t-shirts canvases and more at the energetic main calm thank you and remember always question everything [Music]


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