39 – Best Sci-Fi Films Ever!!

Join us as we discuss the best Sci-Fi films ever released. Our host Robb is again joined by the bearded master of Sci-Fi Mr Greg Andrew, so we thought we would finally get round to discussing our all-time greatest science fiction films. We cover around twenty films (have every trailer embedded and ready for your excitement ). So sit back and relax the best Sci-Fi Films Ever!!.

The Top Science Fiction Films

From Empire Strikes back to Blade Runner, From the Matrix to Akira and From Wall-E to Logans Run we have you covered.

We love talking about Sci-FI films in almost every podcast (you may have noticed) and the fact that Greg goes by the moniker “ bearded master of sci-fi”, now if that wasn’t enough credibility then let us say that The Everything’s An Illusion Podcast crew are testified Sci-Fi fans. Between them, they have over 40 years of Science Fiction fandom under their belts, from high school Star Trek clubs to attendees of national Star Trek clubs. From X-files clubs to makers of their own Sci-Fi films. Like seriously, who other than a true geek admits they went to Star Trek club at high school??

So are they qualified to reveal their Best Sci-Fi Films Ever!! maybe not but here goes, anyway.


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The Matrix


District 9

Wall – E


Dr Strange


Logans Run

Star Trek 2 – The wrath of khan trailer

12 Monkeys


Back to the future



Blade Runner

Empire Strikes back

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