38- Aliens

38- Aliens

In this episode I am joined by the bearded master of SciFi Greg Andrew where we discuss all things Aliens from Ancient Aliens to Alien Abductions. Extra physical aliens to the various species that live amongst us. We look at the technology and ask questions about the size of the universe and time and how our little grey friends fit into the puzzle. So sit back, relax and enjoy. Please like, share , comment, recommend to friends and as always feel free to click the google adds and check out our awesome sponsors.

0 – 7 minutes : General Intro

Intro and general discussion with regards to Aliens

7 – 20 minutes : Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens, are they the basis for all religions? Look at the various cultures that talk about them and more.

20 – 28 minutes : Alien Abductions

Look at the worldwide phenomenon, unquestionably one of the most known Alien phenomena – Alien Abductions. From cows to questions on WHY? Why would they be interested in us?

28 – 39 minutes :Extra Physical Aliens

Beyond the physical dimension, i.e. beyond the 5 senses, we look at ghosts, chemically induced states, mind vampires, dimensional shifting and more.

39 – 48 minutes : Space Technology

We look at the ideas behind faster than light technologies that Aliens would need to travel to our planet.

48 – 58 minutes : Alien Species

A look at the various species that are supposedly inhabiting the earth and ask the questions about why they would be her.

58 till the end minutes : The Size Of The Universe

Question the size of the universe, putting its scale in place and questioning whether aliens could be possible.

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Life is a strange beast , full of joy and wonderment. let us attempt to pierce the vale and challenge the realms of possibility. Welcome to the Illusion 🙂