36 -The Bock Saga – Jim Chesnar

36 The Bock saga
36 The Bock saga

The Bock Saga with Jim Chesnar.

Hello and welcome to Everything’s An Illusion, the Podcast where we question everything. In this episode we sit back and chat with Jim Chesnar we get a chance to ask him many of the questions that have been intriguing us about the Bock Saga .

Jim is one of the worlds leading repositories of the ancient oral story that is The Bock Saga. The Bock Saga is an ancient historical document (documented orally ) about the origin of mankind and more , it has been described as

A highly controversial topic … and yet, the complex and greatly detailed accounts of its existence will likely lead the reader to consider the authenticity of these legends. Could it all be true? The legends cannot as yet be disproven; therefore, let the reader be the judge!” Paula Peterson

Below we have listed many of Jims other videos which give a lot of the back story, please check them out as well.

So sit back and relax as we discuss an alternative history, an alternative world view, an alternative creation story, ancient archaeology and the Temple of lemminkainen, drinking semen, Yoga, Chakras, memory, ancient Egypt, Snake and dragon symbolism , Tolkien, creation of the universe, stars, the origin of the sun and the moon, GOD and much much more.

Welcome to Hel (Documentary 2016)

Bock Saga – 8 Powers, Part 1 – Jim Chesnar.

Bock Saga – 8 Powers, Part 2 – Jim Chesnar.

Bock Saga – 8 Powers, Part 3 – Jim Chesnar.

Jim on the Higherside Chats

2hr 32 of Jim recounting bits of the Bock Saga

Temple of lemminkainen jim in temple dig

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Life is a strange beast , full of joy and wonderment. let us attempt to pierce the vale and challenge the realms of possibility. Welcome to the Illusion 🙂

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