20 – Coral Castle- Gravity Waves – POD- Social media and more

Hello and welcome to Everything’s an illusion podcast, once again I am joined by the bearded master of scifi Greg Andrew where we tackle recent youtube video solving the mystery of the Coral Castle, then we have a look at the new Gravitational Waves and the Flat earth communities reaction. Then we have a chat about Print on Demand , Is it the saviour for making money as a creative person (artist , author) or just a scam? From here we move onto Social Media Venting and see what’s captured peoples wrath this week. You may have seen it Argentinian beach kill a baby dolphin with selfies and African witch babies. Then we move on to the reality of back-door privatisation of our NHS, then from here in to how you can save the world!! and finally we finish with a round up of TV and movies.

So sit back and relax as we question everything.


EP20 poster

Coral Castle – Mystery Solved

Gravity Waves



Print On Demand

Is it really making artist money ??




Social Media Venting.

Death of the baby dolphin


Baby African Witches.


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It is being privatised under your nose!!


Changing the world starts with you!

Super Trailer

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Life is a strange beast , full of joy and wonderment. let us attempt to pierce the vale and challenge the realms of possibility. Welcome to the Illusion 🙂