Contributors Wanted!!

Call for contributors!! Maybe you are a creative juggernaut looking for an outlet, maybe your a journalist looking for somewhere to question everything, maybe your an expert looking to exchange podcast time for a plug of your product or service, maybe your just an interesting cat with an interesting story. If you fit  the description get in touch .


Facebook Admin

We are looking for administrators for the FB page, you will be open minded and curious by nature. Posting your unique brand of questions, images and videos when you can.


Podcast guests 

You are an expert or just one interesting cat that’s got a few things to say, philosophy to maths, ancient history to politics. What ever the topic, if you can get folks to question things and in general bring a new perspective to the plate, then get in touch. Recording sessions will be via Skype!!


PM the facebook page, or email me at looking forward to hearing from you.